Crackington Haven Morning Mug



Our cool Crackington Haven Morning mug is the perfect way to make your morning tea a little more aesthetically pleasing.

Depicting one of our favourite villages in Cornwall, bathed in a morning light spilling over the cliffs, this mug is a great way to call up your Cornish morning memories each and every day. 

One of Neil’s favourite things to do on a crisp morning, in his home village of Crackington Haven – Cornwall, is to get up early, throw a board into the car and get down to his local beach for a dawny (surfers slang for an early morning surf). This marvellous mug invokes the essence of a dawn surf mission and shows off the best of this beautiful cornish village in the dewy morning light.

Our Crackington Haven Morning mug is one of our favourite designs here at Neilsdesigns and we love seeing it in our kitchen, even though we see the real thing almost every day! These fantastic mugs are also built to be durable, microwave and dishwasher safe, and are a very generous size, at 11 fluid ounces, enabling them to keep even the most ardent caffeine addict content.  

So, if you want to bring a little piece of this gorgeous corner of North Cornwall to your home, get one of these gorgeous Crackington Haven mugs today and invoke the coast with every click of the kettle. 



Dimensions: Diameter 80mm x Height 95mm (Sizes may vary very slightly)

Capacity: 11 fluid ounces or 325 milliliters 

Materials: Ceramic

Hand Printed in Cornwall

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe


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