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Falmouth Quay


Pick up one of the magical mugs from Neilsdesigns, that depicts the fabulous Falmouth quay, and enjoy a dash of a delightful dock every with every sip. 

Falmouth harbour and quay has been the center of this bustling Cornish town since the middle of the 16th century when Henry VIII saw the value of Falmouth’s natural harbour and started development of the area with the impressive Pendennis Castle, which can still be found on the headland today. Ever since then, Falmouth has been attracting fishermen, traders, merchants, and tourists alike, with its gorgeous scenery, superb seafood, brilliant beaches and of course its historic harbour. 

With all this in mind, it’s no wonder that Neil has based one of his unique mug designs on this terrific town. This spectacular Falmouth scene has been given the Neilsdesigns’ treatment, showing off Neil’s unique graphic style and highlighting the beauty in this quaint Cornish town. This design is then hand-printed onto one of our capacious coffee mugs by Neil himself, so you can be assured of a top-quality finish every time, by which time it is ready to be sent out and filled with your favourite tea or coffee. 


So, when it comes to the fabulous Falmouth, there’s no better way to enjoy this venerated vista, than with one of these magnificent mugs from Neilsdesigns.



Dimensions: Diameter 80mm x Height 95mm (Sizes may vary very slightly)

Capacity: 11 fluid ounces or 325 milliliters 

Materials: Ceramic

Hand Printed in Cornwall

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe



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