Port Isaac Sunset Mug



Port Isaac Sunset


This gorgeous mug reproduces the superb scene that can be taken at the picturesque harbourside town of Port Isaac, at sunset. A good Port Isaac sunset is such a spectacular event we just had to capture and share the moment with this captivating cup. 

Port Isaac is a small fishing village located on the North coast of Cornwall and instantly becomes a favorite with anyone who visits. This pretty port dates back to the early fourteenth century and its streets are still lined with the traditional slate roofed and whitewashed cottages that can be found dotted around this area of the South-West. When you look out from Port Isaac you are facing North and as such the sun sets over the sea and creates spectacular shows, on almost every summer night. This amazing asset of Port Isaac really is the jewel in its crown, in our humble opinion, and we think there’s almost no better scene to be greeted by, every time the kettle begins to sing. Our pretty Port Isaac Sunset mug is made to be tough, dishwasher and microwave safe and is a generous enough size, at 11 fluid ounces, to keep the scariest of tea-fiends at bay. 

If you’d like to enjoy the fabulous sunset that can be captured at Port Isaac all day, then get some of our Port Isaac Sunset mugs today and treat yourself to this venerated view every time you have a cuppa. 



Dimensions: Diameter 80mm x Height 95mm (Sizes may vary very slightly)

Capacity: 11 fluid ounces or 325 milliliters 

Materials: Ceramic

Hand Printed in Cornwall

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe


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