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Can one ever get tired of the terrific sight of Truro’s gothic revival Cathedral? We don’t think so, so we put it on one of our magical mugs so you can enjoy it every day. 

Truro is the Cornish capital and its cathedral is one of its crowning glories. Built in the late 19th century and admired for its beauty and complexity of design ever since, this local landmark is the perfect choice to adorn one of Neilsdesigns’ cool coffee cups. The Truro River is also featured in this brilliant mug design, highlighting, once again, Neils love for the watery side of life in his creativity. The juxtaposition of the river and trees alongside the sharp lines of the cathedral invokes the feel of the only city in Cornwall, perfectly balancing nature with building prowess of local tradespeople. 

As with all of our mugs, the Truro cathedral design is hand-printed by Neil himself, in sleepy North Cornwall. The mugs are designed to be used every day and as such are hard wearing, dishwasher and microwave safe and hold a bountiful 11oz, as well as being adorned by gorgeous views that are captured, curated and designed in Neils unique style. 

When a contemporary design meets gothic revival architecture, is added to a slice of Cornish nature and is all wrapped up in a handy ceramic vessel for tea and coffee, we think we might just have found the formula for the perfect mug.



Dimensions: Diameter 80mm x Height 95mm (Sizes may vary very slightly)

Capacity: 11 fluid ounces or 325 milliliters 

Materials: Ceramic

Hand Printed in Cornwall

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe



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